Saturday, June 12, 2010

Vegas BABY!

After the roller coaster ride of the last six months, I have been in dire need of DOWN TIME! Not just vacation, but I needed some time to sleep in, unplug, not worry about when or where we were going to eat or do anything. I really, really needed to take some time to truly relax.
My priorities for this weekend were:
  • Warm location (sunny please!)
  • cabana boys (or girls) to bring me drinks by the pool
  • a pool
  • a spa
We got an unexpected tax refund, and had just refi'd the house to put in new windows, so the sense of "we should do something responsible with this money" wasn't pushing as hard as it might have under normal circumstances. We are also taking a family vacation to Hawaii with my parents & brother's family this summer, so there's the "family vacation". It was like someone was trying to tell me something.

When I first started looking for vacation spots I was gravitated to Resort Spas. Not cheap. I found a few that seemed very interesting, but to be honest, DaddySpeak wasn't interested. And for "not cheap" it seems like all parties should be interested. Remember, I was not babysitting anyone on this trip! After some looking around I found the best specials were running on Vegas. To be honest, Vegas has never been my favorite place (too much time there for work during my trade show years,) but the more I thought about it, it was one of the few places that did meet all the my criteria. We ended up getting a deal on our hotel which contained a spa. It turned out to be a great choice. The other advantage to Vegas was, that while neither of us gamble, (not opposed to it, but not into it,) there were tons of great places to eat and shows to see. So, even though DS was not into the spa, he did enjoy the food & shows.

I'm not your typical Vegas traveler, in that I probably know too much about the town and my goal is typically to get OFF the strip. This visit, I never even put a quarter in a slot machine. Crazy, huh? But I left plenty of cash and was on a first name basis in the spa. So there you go.

Overall, Vegas is not my favorite place. But it does have a little something for everyone. I think I need to lighten up on my opinion of Vegas. While my preference isn't what they're pushing, the accommodate my needs, and everyone else.